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Unfiltered Canadian Political News - cdnpolinews.ca

Need an aggregator for Canadian news? Stop searching for the best news app. You need look no further than cdnpolinews.ca.

That is, if what you’re looking for is political news.

If you are a news junkie, a politician, or a political staffer, you need a good political news aggregator. Until cdnpolinews.ca was launched, nobody had made a truly transparent, unbiased Canadian political news aggregator.

What is a Canadian political news aggregator?

A news aggregator is a website, or app, that takes content from across the web, and “aggregates” it into one place. What does this mean for you? It means that you don’t need to spend time looking at different news sites. You don’t need a tab open for CBC News, a tab for CTV News, a tab for the National Post, Financial Post, etc. It’s all in one place.

Why is cdnpolinews.ca good?

There are a few reasons. First of all, and maybe the most important, is that it’s truly unbiased. It’s unfiltered. And it’s transparent. How do I know? I made it. I publish the sources. With cdnpolinews.ca you know exactly where the news comes from. There are no hidden formulas or algorithms which promote certain content and bury other content. Every Canadian news story is displayed on the website in reverse-chronological order. The newest stories are posted at the top. The older stories are displayed at the bottom.

Are other news aggregators actually biased?

You tell me. Have you checked out National News Watch? Ever wondered why some stories stick in those coveted top display spots longer than others? Why do some stories on National News Watch get buried really fast? Or how an article starts to wander down the page but then shoots back up near the top?

I do.

I wonder about that all the time.

Does it happen automatically? Is someone doing it manually? Is it because of link clicks? Social shares?

The point is, we don’t know.

CDNPoliNews.ca is different, because you do know.

Can I get it in my social feeds?

You bet! @cdnpoli_news automatically tweets every time there is a new story. Ditto with posting to the Facebook page.

The site checks all the news feeds for new stories every 10 minutes. If it hasn’t blasted out more news, it’s because there isn’t any.

You can keep hitting refresh on the website if you want, or just browse Twitter and stay up to date.


If you like getting up-to-the-minute Canadian political news, you should bookmark www.cdnpolinews.ca follow @cdnpoli_news on Twitter, and like the Facebook page.