5 Things to know to survive

I’m not a prepper, but I do want to be prepared. It’s important to me that I know the basic skills of survival for whatever scenario I might come across.

What really interests me is learning skills, because they’re portable.  What’s better than having a Swiss army knife? Being a Swiss army knife.

So what are the skills you should have to survive in case society collapses?

Here’s my basic list of survival skills:

  1. A martial art. It probably doesn’t matter which martial art you train in, but I’ve chosen Wing Chun. The thing is, you can have a great collection of knives, guns, or whatever, but that keeps you reliant on having knives or guns. You know what’s better than having a secret weapon? Being a secret weapon.
  2. How to make a fire without matches or a lighter. There are lots of techniques. The bow drill is common. It’s hard. But it works. What’s better than meeting your death on a cold and damp night? Knowing how to make fire.
  3. The basics of hunting. Snare traps are handy. So is knowing how to hunt with a rifle. How to field dress, and even how to butcher your game. You should probably also know that you can’t live off rabbit, because there’s not enough fat in the meat. What’s better than starving to death? Killing and eating food.
  4. How to find water, and make sure it’s safe to drink. Really, it’s very important. Being able to make fire and boil water is pretty handy too. You know what’s cooler than dying of dehydration? Having water.
  5. Know how to fly a plane. I’m not 100% on this one being a necessity, but I’m pretty sure that I want to be the guy who can get himself to the airport, hijack a bush plane, and take off into the bush to survive while everyone else is still trying to figure out whether there’s anything left in the grocery stores.

That’s my list. It’s far from complete, but I think it’s pretty good. To recap: learn to fight, make fire, hunt, find water, and fly a plane.

Oh, and you also might want some shelter.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear your must-have skills for the SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan) scenario we all hope never happens (but also kind of maybe long for a little bit?).